Coconut Bunny Cake


Half of an 8″ double layer round white cake with white icing, colored coconut shavings and edible bunny decorations

Serves 6-10


Writing Colors
White : White, Ivory, Cream cheese
Chocolates : Chocolate, Mocha, Jamocha
Greens : Kelly green, Lime green, Leaf green,
Mint green, sage, Forest green
Blues : Royal, Lt. Blue, Turquoise, Teal,
Tiffany blue, navy
Pinks : Pink, Hot Pink, Maroon
Purples : Purple, Barneyn, Lavendar
Yellows : Yellow, Bt.Yellow, Gold
Oranges : Orange, Burnt Orange, Coral, Peach
Reds : Red
Blacks : Black, Gray

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